This blog – The thoughts and musings of an Albanian archaeologist as she navigates her way through graduate school, life, and excavation units.

Me specifically – I am an archaeologist who works in the Balkans, specifically Albania and Kosova. I am interested broadly in questions of movement, mobility, migration, settlement & colonization. Simply put, I am interested in understanding why people lived where they did and why this changed over time. I use Geographic information Systems (GIS) to make maps and analyze my data. I make killer maps, if I do say so myself.

I study the Illyrians, a group of people autochthonous to the Balkans, whose domain in prehistory covered a vast swath of the area. I am specifically interested in the Iron Age as this is the period in time that we see a distinct Illyrian material record appear.

My friends jokingly call me the queen of hillforts – this is because I am specifically interested in understanding the role of hillforts in the prehistoric landscape. This means I often have to trek up mountains to visit these sites.

As you may find while reading through my posts, my interests in the part of the world are not limited to prehistory and I often reflect on current matters. Touching on topics geopolitics, human rights and the ethics of archaeology. I try to do so in an anthropological lens, by applying the theory and methods I have learned in school to modern day situations. By doing this I hope to show that archaeology is not a discipline that can be divorced from the present, in fact, anthropology and archaeology can sometimes provide some much needed perspective that might help us understand better understand the present.

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